Will My Breast Cancer Spread After a Needle Biopsy?

Many patients are concerned that needle biopsy will spread their cancer if a tumor turns out to be cancerous. Learn more about the vital importance of needle biopsies in the video.

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In this clip, Jay Harness, MD, FACS explains if a biopsy will spread your cancer.

“I am often asked, “If I have a needle biopsy done, Dr. Harness, will that spread my cancer?” And the answer is, if properly done, no. There’s a great fear of that and it goes back through years of thinking that once a cancer is exposed to air and all sorts of things, suddenly the cancer is gonna grow quite widely. But again, I emphasize, if a needle biopsy is done correctly, there is no good evidence that says that it’s going to spread or make your cancer worse. The advantage, of course, of the needle biopsy is it gives us a diagnosis with a minimally invasive approach.”

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