What are my chances of surviving lung cancer with treatment?

Question by Kailah S: What are my chances of surviving lung cancer with treatment?
My doctor found a spot called a pulmonary nodule on my lung that may or may not be cancerous. Im worried that it is. What are my chances of surviving lung cancer? I am 19 years old and have been smoking for 5 years. I know emphazema runs in my family but im not too sure about lung cancer. Can someone please help me?

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Answer by Answer4Nerdz
Now you need help. Why would you start smoking at 14? It was your choice and now its your fault.

Edit: @Eden Being fat isnt illegal. Smoking underage is their choice. That’s why there are laws. Eating is a part of life, something you need. Being fat may or may not be a persons fault depending on the circumstances. But Smoking was her choice. She went against the law and now shes gonna pay for it. I do feel some sort of sympathy for her but at the same time i feel she was being irresponsible.

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  1. Our body, just like the universe, has a pattern which evolves through time. Therefore by including the concept of “time” into the diagnosis, we can predict the pattern of our body, like the way we can predict the patterns in the universe. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist who practices what I call “Time Medicine”. For years, I perform my diagnosis by using your gender, birth date, time of birth, and city and country of birth. I am able to immediately see the pattern, such as the physical appearance, the preference of food, the personality, and most importantly, accurately predict the time of event, and the type of disorder this person has. By understanding the constitution, I am able give my clients awareness as to how to prevent many ailments that may occur in their own pattern.
    So did I answer your question?
    Send a reply with the information of your gender, birthdate, time of birth, and city and country of birth.
    Look forward to conversing with you.

  2. Answer4Nerdz –> you’re horrible, who says that?? Why don’t you go tell a really fat person that it’s their fault for having a heart attack because they eat too much?

    Anyway…..back to the question.
    That’s really scary, I can’t believe that. What stage lung cancer is it? It really depends. It’s easy to google this stuff and find answers to your question, depending on the stage you’re in. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing this because it’s quite depressing.
    Good luck to you I hope everything works out!

  3. I work in the radiation oncology department at my hosptial. The bad new is that lung cancer is very difficult to treat- some cancers we can do a lot about, but lung cancer isn’t one of them.

    Obviously, I don’t know much about your case, but your doctor/specialist should be able to tell you more.

  4. Most pulmonary nodules are benign, meaning it isn’t cancerous. However there is a chance it could be malignant. I suppose the good news (other than it moree liekly being benign) is that it has been found early. Lung cancer is hard to treat radically (intent to cure), however it can be done. Being young, you are a good candidate for surgery to remove it if it is in a good position. You would also be fit enough to have chemotherapy, so if it is malignant it can be treated. But don’t worry yourself about it, don’t keep thinking on how it could be cancerous. And I suggest quitting smoking, but it is a personal choice.

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