Violent clashes as unrest spreads across Egypt yet again Morsi Supporters the problem k

Violent clashes as unrest spreads across Egypt yet again Morsi Supporters the problem

Civil turmoil spreads beyond the capital, as the Nile Delta cities of Minya and Assiut, and Alexandria on the northern coast, are hit by violence. 

Supporters of Egypt’s deposed President Mohammed Morsi built barricades in the streets of Cairo’s twin-city Giza after security forces moved in to clear two sprawling protest camps in the capital.

The smaller camp in Nahda Square in Giza was cleared relatively quickly, but armoured vehicles continued to patrol the streets, some of which were stained with blood, or soot from burning tyres. 

The Nile Delta cities of Minya and Assiut, and Alexandria on the northern coast saw disturbances on the streets sparked by the dramatic dawn swoop aimed at ending a six-week standoff in Cairo.

Nine people were killed in the province of Fayoum south of Cairo. Five more died in Suez. 

Seven hours after the initial operation, crowds of protesters were still blocking roads, chanting and waving flags as security forces sought to prevent them from regrouping. 

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