The Different Methods Of Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags can be irritating and unappealing especially for individuals who are in the industry of modeling swimsuits and cosmetics. Skin tags are common, small and benign soft skin that hangs from an individual's facial area, neck as well as the underarms. Although it poses no threat to one's health, skin tags can be accidentally snagged on clothing and jewelry that can cause bleeding.

In some cases, there are those that are more prone to having growths when compared to other people. And if you happen to be one of the many, undergoing skin tag removal will be your best remedy in getting rid of the annoying bit of skin hanging on your neck.

There are actually many different ways in removing tags. But the most effective way is to go and have an appointment in any skincare clinic for a better and more thorough consultation as to whether you can remove them on your own or you require an expert's assistance. Here are the typical procedures that are carried out in removing growths:

• Freezing – freezing is done by spraying liquid nitrogen on the growth. The process freezes the tag and then kills it. After doing so, the skin tag may then be surgically removed with sterile surgical equipment or simply allowing it to fall off on its own.

• Burning – is done using and electronic medical cauterizer. The process destroys the tissue in an attempt to remove the undesired growth. The skin tags will then darken and fall off after getting burnt.

These surgical procedures can be done in a hospital or in an office, depending on the type and the location of the skin tag.

However, if you do not have enough budget for surgical a procedure, well, surgical procedures can actually burn up a hole in your pocket since cosmetic surgeries may not be included in your insurance, you can always ask for a free consultancy and then check out if you can perform the removal on your own. And here are the different methods in removing them on your own.

• Tie-and-Snip – this method requires that you use a clean dental floss to tie down the base of the growth to stop blood circulation in the tag and then cut it using sterile scissor.

• Dying Paste – although this method may not provide immediate result, it's actually much less intrusive. With a simple mixture of baking soda and castor oil and applying it to the tag multiple times a day, the tag will eventually dry up and disappear.

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