Spreading the Spreads of Kalahan Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

You might be wondering what this campaign=gn is all about. This is a promotional campaign for Mountain Fresh Jams and Jellies.

First, what are Mountain Fresh Jams and Jellies?
– these are products made by an indigenous community in Nueva Vizcaya called the “Ikalahans”
– these products are considered to be NON-TIMBER FOREST PRODUCTS because the process of farming and gathering the fruits used for the jams and jellies are BEYOND ORGANIC; the farmers do not use chemical pesticides and the fruit gatherers CAREFULLY HANDPICK THE FRUITS —- they do not cut trees!

Second, what are the benefits of these products?
– these spreads are all natural and are carefully made; the products are delicately done and they are all safe to eat because it’s HEALTHY, ALL NATURAL AND CLEAN! =)

Third, who are the beneficiaries of these products?
– THE IKALAHAN COMMUNITY; it helps them sustain their livelihood
– THE KALAHAN EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION; it helps indigenous children have education
– KALAHAN ACADEMY; it helps their school in providing facilities and other educational materials for their students
– THE ENVIRONMENT; You support proper forest management to lessen problems on deforestation
– YOU!; be healthy once in a while =)

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