Matsutake Mushroom – A New Approach For Treating Carcinoma

Matsutake mushrooms are attracting the attention of many scientists across the world. Various studies have established the fact that Matsutake mushrooms are very effective in treating various forms of cancer. Test conducted on animals has revealed that Matsutake Mushrooms are effective against implanted solid cancer; cancer induced by chemicals, and also showed a number of other beneficial properties. This includes inhibition of induced hepatopathy, reduced serum lipid levels, activates Helper T-lymphocytes, improves immunity and promotes enterokinesia in hepatic carcinoma.

Researchers at Mie University medical school, Kobe University faculty of agriculture and Iwade Fungology Institute transplanted carcinoma cells named Sarcoma 180 onto 6 week old mice. Solution laced with extracts of Matsutake mushrooms were administered to the mice. The size and proliferation of the cancer was periodically monitored. The process was compared with other mushrooms. After 60 days the results surprised everyone including the skeptics. Matsutake Mushroom demonstrated anti-cancer activities and there was a 87.5 % disappearance carcinoma.

Matsutake contains potent anti-carcinogens especially polysaccharides like complex of b-(1-6)àD-glycan and proteins. It also contains many types of Glycans which are powerful carcinostatic agents. The fruit body contains Polysaccharide AB-P and polysaccharide AB-FP which are also powerful carcinostatic agents.

The environment around us is highly polluted and the effluents and discharges from industrial areas contain numerous carcinogens like benzene. 80 % of cancers are caused by these carcinogens. Ingredients like b-D-glycan, xyloglycan), uronyde, peptide glycan and nucleic acid elements found in Matsutake mushrooms gives it its caricinostatic properties.

Matsutake mushrooms stops the metastasis of carcinoma cell by strengthening the immune system. Basically the immune system comprises of lymphocyte (T- and B-lymphocyte), antibody, macrophage and leucocytes. They stop proliferation of cancer cells much akin to chemotherapeutic medicines. More than six types of steroids have been found in Matsutake mushrooms which inhibit cancer proliferation. Since carcinoma cells take many years to proliferate and cause carcinoma therefore regular Matsutake mushroom consumption can reduce to a large extent the risk of getting cancer.

Mankind has been struggling for finding a cure for cancer and it has not been fully successful. If one has a bacterial infection measures can be taken including antibiotics which can be modified for striking only the pathogens. Unfortunately cancer cells are formed from the existing cells of the body and therefore there are very few differences between a carcinoma cells and a normal cells. Therefore drugs given to kill cancer cells also destroy normal cells. In other words no drug has been found which specifically target the cancer cells. Side effects are quite common and at times drugs given to kill carcinoma themselves are carcinogenic and cause secondary cancer. Therefore the quest for a natural remedy for cancer and Matsutake is a mushroom which has potential for use as a carcinostatic agent.

Source by Stanley George

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