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The prostate is a sex gland that is only in men. An alternative treatment for prostate cancer is necessary because the conventional treatments actually cause cancer to return. By conventional treatments I’m talking of course about radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Both cause severe damage to the immune system. We need a healthy immune system to keep prostate cancer from coming back, but if we don’t have an immune system, we’ll likely get prostate cancer again.

Another conventional treatment for prostate cancer would be to have it removed. At first glance, this method would seem to avoid any problem with the immune system, however, removal of the prostate is usually followed up with a round of chemotherapy just in case, so once again the damage is done. I hope you’re beginning to see the need for an alternative treatment for prostate cancer.

The alternative treatment for prostate cancer that I’ll be elaborating on had its origins clear back in the time of Hippocrates. He claimed that he could cure cancer with garlic and onions. He didn’t know why this worked; he just knew that it did. Hundreds of years passed, finally in 1924 Dr. Otto Warburg wrote in a paper that all cancers were anaerobic, in other words, they can’t survive in the presence of oxygen. With that information in mind, an alternative treatment for prostate cancer would involve making all fluids in the body, including inside the cells, alkaline so that they hold oxygen.

By the way, prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men, second only to skin cancer. If anything good can be said of prostate cancer, it is that usually it’s slow growing and slow to spread. This gives the patient time to consider an alternative treatment for prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is usually caught early by the PSA test (which is part of most blood tests) or a doctor can actually feel for lumps on the prostate with the digital rectal exam which is included in most physicals.

Of course, the goal of any treatment for prostate cancer is to kill all the cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells untouched. Unfortunately, conventional treatments usually kill some healthy cells also. If the alterative treatment for prostate cancer that I’m talking about is used, healthy cells will be unaffected.

If a person were to follow an alternative treatment for prostate cancer using Dr. Warburg’s findings, then that person would have to change what is surely a very acidic diet to one that is quite a bit more alkaline. If the prostate cancer has reached an advanced stage, it may be necessary to also use an alkaline supplement like calcium. In the past one hundred years there have hundreds of scientific and medical papers published telling about the important work calcium does in the body. So if you use it as part of your alternative treatment for prostate cancer, you can’t go wrong.

One of the jobs of calcium is to be present inside the cell when the DNA replicates during cell division. Prostate and other cancers get their start when the DNA mutates at this point, so maybe extra calcium would be a good thing to have around.

There are many types of calcium supplements that can be purchased. All of these types are good because they all have an alkaline ph, but coral calcium is the best because it is already 100% ionized, so it is ready to be absorbed by the body. If you have prostate cancer, you should take six coral calcium capsules per day. To facilitate the absorption of the calcium, you should also take 5,000 I.U.’s per day of vitamin D.

The nice thing about this alternative treatment for prostate cancer is that the cause of the cancer is also addressed, not just the cancer itself. This keeps the cancer from coming back (nobody wants to go through that again) and keeps cancer from arising anywhere else in the body.

In alternative medicine, finding the cause of a disease is extremely important. In Western medicine, the cause isn’t so important. What’s important in Western medicine is finding a treatment that will treat the effects of the disease. As I mentioned before, acidic food is most likely the cause of your prostate cancer. As I also said before, an alternative treatment for prostate cancer would be to eat alkaline food. Since acidic food most likely caused your problem in the first place, you should continue to eat alkaline foods even after your prostate cancer is gone. Proper food is so important that you should get your hands on a food chart that shows the ph of many of the foods that are available. Food charts are available online.

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