How long does lung cancer take to kill you?

approximately how long does it take for lung cancer to kill you, and what are some of the signs that it’s advanced (e.g. tiredness, strong fever)? or advanced enough for nothing to help.

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5 thoughts on “How long does lung cancer take to kill you?

  1. depends on your genetics my friend .. i’ve cared for perfectly healthy 93 year old pipe smokers

    … then cloves have killed 12 year olds after just a few months of smoking

  2. The answer has too many variables. It would all depend on how advanced it was when diagnosed, what type and how aggresive the treatment has been, the person’s overall health, and other things.
    The person’s doctor should be able to tell those type of answers.

  3. Depends on what stage your in

    My Geometry teacher was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, and died within 3 months.

  4. I take it you smoke?…

    well you will start to cough up blood, and you will have a chronic cough, along with tiredness, and strong fever.

  5. Cancers spread at different rates in each patient, so only a doctor after many tests can attempt to make a diagnosis of this. It can also depend on how different people respond to the treatment given.

    With lung cancer patients sadly by the time an initial diagnosis has been made the cancer is to often too advanced for a cure.

    My brother did not even have a cough until the end, though he was very weak and tired when he was diagnosed. By this time the cancer had spread and he only lived for a few months.

    The sooner the diagnosis is made the better, then treatment can be started, so checking out any symptoms with the doctor is essential as soon as possible as these symptoms could be a number of things.

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