How long can you live with breast cancer before you die?

I’m just curious. My mom’s friend has breast cancer and she has been dealing with it for about 3 to 5 months. How long do you live with breast cancer?

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6 thoughts on “How long can you live with breast cancer before you die?

  1. It all depends on the particular cancer and the individual. Some women are treated and live for 50 more years. Some die within a year. There’s no way to guess about your mom’s friend based on the little you have said.

  2. There is no way to answer that question – as every woman is different and your age, your health, the Stage of the cancer, how invasive and what type of breast cancer is all relevant to how long one can live after being diagnosed. Go to the Susan G. Komen web site or the American Breast Cancer web site for some statistics. Hopefully your mom’s friend is getting treatment at a good Cancer Center or Oncology Dr. – and she’ll go into remission and live a long time.

  3. So much depends on the type, severity and point of diagnosis, as well as the treatment given.

    Many, many sufferers have a full and healthy life after breast cancer. It’s always worth remembering that none of us have a guaranteed life span – with or without cancer.

    Hope your friend’s Mum is well soon.

  4. I was diagnosed 4 years ago – fine now.
    My sister was diagnosed 16 years ago – fine now.
    My mother died of breast cancer 16 years after first diagnosis.
    Aunt died of breast cancer 50 years after first diagnosis.
    Every case is different.

    Early diagnosis and treatment gives the best chance of recovery and lack of recurrence.

  5. Hello,

    If the patient achieves a cure, she can live out a full life. Fortunate patients caught early do not die of their cancer. This is the goal of mastectomy and other treatments for the disease.

    Best Regards,

    John Di Saia MD

  6. Impossible to answer. With early detection and treatment, a person can possibly live the rest of their normal life. Unknown variables (like if the cancer invaded the lymph nodes) make determining how long a person will live a “wait and see” game.
    My mother-in-law only lived 6 yrs after receiving treatment. However, I attended a breast cancer awareness rally recently and met a 17 yr survivor.

    the team

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