How long after someone is diagnosed with breast cancer do they start treatment?

So my ex just told me that she has breast cancer, but she is coming to the states (from Spain, shes spanish) for a few months for a job and then planning on going back to school to san diego in august. Shouldnt she stay in Spain to get treatment right away? Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “How long after someone is diagnosed with breast cancer do they start treatment?

  1. yes she should. usually a treatment plan is started right away, whether its surgery, chemo or radiation.

  2. Typically as soon as possible. However, delaying a few months should not change things too much.

  3. maybe she will get treatment in usa although I heard in Europe doctors/hospitals can treat it much better so…..yes I quess if her blood isnt too bad she could start chemo asap or have surgery…it all depends on what stage she is in and if she WANTS treatment,it will be her choice afterall whether she is your ex or current lover…it doesnt matter,she is an adult and can do or not do any of those options.Wish her well

  4. The sooner you treat cancer (or anything for that matter) the better your results. Cancer, for the most part, is treated the same way in the USA and Europe. They will probably want to do some combination of surgery, chemo and radiation in the course of her treatment.

    My question would be her health care coverage and how, when and where she will be treated. If she has insurance here in the states, great. I know nothing about the health care system in Spain. Cancer treatment isn’t cheep or free……

  5. It varies depending on the health facilities accessible.

    She should be undergoing talks over treatment immediately but depending on the health facilities she has access to it may take a while (max 1-2months) before treatment starts. If she Private Health Insurance it should start right away and the fund may then pay for further treatment while she is in the States.

    It also varies depending on the treatment she has (chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or surgery) whether she can travel or not. I’d talk to her about it a bit more so that if your still willing to help her out you can organise hospitals, doctors etc.

    So overall, I’d probably talk to her.

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