Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer in women has been on the decline and this is being related to more awareness and early screening. Cancer of the breast is the leading cause of death in women followed by lung cancer. More cases of this cancer have been reported in the developed counties compared to the developing countries. Out of every 36 deaths in women, one of them is likely to have died from cancer of the breast. According to the American Cancer Society, around 1.3 million women world wide are diagnosed with the cancer and 465,000 women die due to the disease.

It occurs when the damaged cells or the cells that are supposedly to die off start to multiply uncontrollably causing a mass known as a tumor. The tumor can form in the ducts or the lobules in both men and women but more common in women. The best way to detect cancer of the breast early is by going for regular mammograms. This is an x ​​ray of the breast.

Treatment of cancer will depend on the stage, rate of growth of the tumor, its size and the stage. Some of the treatment options include chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. Treatment can also involve multiple therapies. Early detection of breast cancer is important because treatment will be more effective. This together with proper treatment will also reduce the chances of death from the condition.

According to statistics by the National Cancer Institute, although all women can get breast cancer, the risk is higher with not only age but also race. 77% of reported cases of cancer of the breast are usually of women over the age of 50. They also conclude that;

Cancer of the breast is likely to be detected late in African American women making their death rates higher compared to white women. However, the death rates for white women over the age of 70 are higher than those of African women of the same age.

In the United States, white, African American women and Hawaiian women have the highest incidences of developing invasive breast cancer compared to Vietnamese, Korean and American Indian women.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, white women have the highest incidences of this cancer followed by black, Hispanic, Asian and American Indians. Black women have the highest rates of death from the cancer followed by white, Hispanic, American Indians and Asian women.

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