General for Cancer ♋️ All personal reading prices will change as of 1/1! Below remains in effect until the New Year!

Tarot lessons ❤️please inquire! 140 no experience necessary! Just rider Waite deck and Skype! Guide and heal yourself!

Please subscribe as I schedule free live readings and will try to accommodate as many people I can! It is free but please exchange by subscribing or donating for allowing me to continue to do these! Paypal would be so very appreciated!
I will not be able to accommodate full personal spreads during that time!

Please direct personal readings to
Email and use for paypal also!
Rates are as follows and turnaround time presently is 24 hrs

Email format ..they will be thorough responses
1 question $11
2 $22
3 $33
4 $40

Video format with 4 questions sent to you in a private link is $60

Thank you all for all the love and kindness
Facebook page and Instagram Arabella’s Tarot! ❤️

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